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Flashcards Might not Be the Fundamental Unit of Learning

December 08, 2021

An introduction to what I believe might be the fundamental unit of learning and why it's not flashcards.

Formulation Diary #1

March 12, 2021

My collection has gone through **A LOT** of shit. There has never been a problem in consuming new material, but mostly repping the items. As I am writing this article, I am repping some items, so that the feelings are still fresh.

Process Mode vs Product Mode

March 07, 2021

1. A good writer is someone who enjoys what he/she is writing, not one that feels he has to ship his book or make it a certain way because that's how it works.

How to approach school through SuperMemo - Mnemonic Subjects

October 14, 2020

Your syllabus is too big. It's simply too big - *that's what she said*. I've now taken 6 exams with SuperMemo. Passed all 6 of them at first shot. I'd say that on average, I used to try an exam two to three times before actually managing to get a passing grade. So, lacking any meaningful real-setting experiment with SRSs - which, by the way, we're going to have in Italy in a couple months - I only have my direct experience to speak from.


October 01, 2020

That's somehow how I like to think about myself, other than I don't think I'm a genius. So, talentless-not-genius.

Feeling Special, But

September 17, 2020

Waiting for salvation carries more problem than what you could possibly image at first glance. Believing that you're special - meaning that you somehow deserve this gift from heaven - also means that you do not need the work.

Waiting for Salvation

September 15, 2020

All our life we wait for someone to give us a treat, to make us feel special. There's no bigger pain to me to watch someone who never got around picking a direction in his life, just coasted unconsciously the river, and expects things to fall of the sky.

The Answer Field is Useless & Epistemological Clozes

September 14, 2020

I've to thank Naess for all the insightful discussion on this topic. I'll be basically reporting my own thoughts on what he explained to me about this topic. It had me think for multiple days about it and I felt the need to put it down for others to read.